outstanding number of used lead acid batteries are being improperly dumped causing the chemicals inside to percolate, contaminating our land and oceans. Day to day Australians are disposing their ULABs without proper legality, most being unaware of the fact that, 97% of ULABs can be recycled! This in return has caused lead acid batteries to become classed as the most hazardous waste in Australian landfills. In fact every year a third of ULABs are discarded in regular waste, harming Australia’s environment trumendously. Professional recycling companies such as ourselves are helping to improve this figure.

V resource endeavors to reuse, recycle & recreate. Our organization has adopted a mechanism that uses desulfurized pretreatment technologies to re process lead acid batteries. Using this patent technique, we have managed to reduce 90% of sulphur in the metal lead and lead paste of the used lead acid battery, far exceeding the quality requirements set by other typical smelters, making our method, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Once the ULAB has been re processed in our machine we are left with three major components: Lead Metal, Lead Paste and Shredded Plastic.